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Three Peak Fall Foliage Challenge

Operated by: TerraMar Adventures

Event Leader: Carl

Delaware Water Gap

Kittatinny Point Ranger Station
Dunfield, NJ 0

Man driving to work this morning I saw it. The leaves are starting to turn. I knew it was coming. But, it really charged me up for fall. I need to get out in the woods. So, I am challenging you to come out with me, work off that Halloween candy, and take in some of the best views PA has to offer.

I am heading up to the Water Gap. The plan is to take three peaks in one day. We will first head up Mt. Tammany. This is a striaght up assault on the highest peak in the water gap. We should summit in only about 1 hour with 1,200 ft in elevation change.

Next, we will wind up to Sunfish Pond atop Mt. Mohican. Includes 1150 ft elevation change. You must be able to hike uphill for 1.5-2 hours with reasonable breaks. The hike will include the entire Sunfish Pond loop and several water crossings.

If you have anything left in your tank, we will head across the valley to Mt. Minsi to take in the views of the folliage on the Mountains we just summited.

You must be fit to do this hike. But, you do not have to climb all three mountains to come. But, you do have to be there for the first hike. After each peak, there will be an opportunity to head home.

Because of the early sunset, we must leave on time to get all three peaks in.  Pack a lunch and bring a flashlight in case the sun starts going down on our third decent.

Special incentive - If you climb two peaks, Carl will be buying some of the best pumpkin pie on earth as a reward!

If you climb all three peaks, you will earn an Official TerraMar Adventures Knit Cap to keep you warm this winter.

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